The Brandon Zhang Show

#046 "Fabrizio Rinaldi - Founder of Mailbrew on Balancing Design and Functionality"

February 09, 2021 Brandon Zhang Season 1 Episode 46
The Brandon Zhang Show
#046 "Fabrizio Rinaldi - Founder of Mailbrew on Balancing Design and Functionality"
Show Notes

Today, I am speaking with Fabrizio Rinaldi, the co-founder of Mailbrew and Typefully. Mailbrew is a product aiming to reduce our reliance on social feeds and curate a healthy information diet. Typefully creates a clean location for people to draft and write tweets. On today's episode, we cover Mailbrew's approach to growth marketing, Mailbrew's future roadmap, and how to maintain creativity as a founder.


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5 Key Takeaways: 

1. We're kind of building an anti feed in a way because we were trying to give people a better way to get content online. So following their favorite creators, thinkers, sources, websites, apps, all in one place. And indeed, it started as a simple daily email digest that you can build for yourself. 

2. After almost a year now, since we launched it originally, it's become much more than that because you can like add blogs, more sources, your calendar events, even your stocks and crypto stuff like that. So it's becoming more personal. We want to make it even more comprehensive in the future so that people can use it to unplug from feeds and hopefully reduce their information overload.

3. We built a ton of optimized landing pages for made will tailor the different sources and content creators, and in different use cases for maybe also hundreds and soon, they will actually be 1000s of landing pages. 

4.  We decided to invest more in creating actual curation tools that we want to provide as there are many information curators that use our platform to share Brews with their audience. And another very important things that we want to do is enable API and custom sources as we want to empower these people to build on top of Millbrew to create sources.

5. Most of the time the most important thing you can do is to reduce confusion. So whatever you're doing, so it's not just design, you can apply this theme to many other fields. Writing for example comes to mind. If there's one thing that unsettles people, and then it can create discomfort, and also is the reason for many of the actions of people is reducing uncertainty